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Bending Dies

Tube Bending Dies

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We manufacture tools for any model or size of machine ,manual ,semi-automatic,or fully automatic CNC .

Bending tooling consist of bending die,clamp die,pressure die,mandrel,wiper die.

1) Bend die- The bend die is used tp form the tube to the desired radius.

2) Clamp die -The clamp die holds the tube securely to the bend die so that the tube does not slip during bending .

3) Pressure die- The pressure die is used to follow along the tube during the bend and holds the tube in place.

4) Mandrel- The mandrel is used inside the tube to keep the tube from collapsing inward.

5) Wiper die - The wiper die is placed against the bend die on the inside of the bend to elimimate wrinkles.

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